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Louis Vuitton | Casual Style Street Style Chain Party Style Elegant Style


Shipping is included in the cost of the product. The shipping period may vary depending on where the product is originating from. BUYMA allows customers to communicate directly with their personal shoppers to negotiate delivery options.

Returns - All sales of goods and other items on BUYMA cannot be returned to the seller for a refund, or exchanged for another item, except inlimited case.

Louis Vuitton Necklace

SKU: 0003
  • Gold-color hardware

    The LV Get Dressed necklace is a wide chain link necklace that is perfect for lovers of iconic House symbols. The gourmette-style chain has a functional and secure clasp with a delicately engraved Louis Vuitton signature. The LV signature link at the center is beautifully interwoven with the other links.

  • Returns & Exchanges Policy

    All sales of goods and other items on Baifa Stores cannot be returned to the seller for a refund, or exchanged for another item, except in the following limited cases:

    • The bought item, as delivered, is materially different from that which was ordered (e.g. different size, color, material, model, version).
      • Examples of legitimate cases for a return or exchange:
        • Ordered item was short-sleeved, but the delivered item is long‐sleeved
        • Ordered item was size S, but the delivered item is size M
        • Ordered item was Black, but the delivered item is White
    • The delivered item was damaged in transit or before shipment (damages caused by the buyer shall NOT be subject to return or exchange).
    • The delivered item has significant defects.
      • Examples of significant defects:
        • The zipper of the boot cannot be closed
        • The shirt is missing a button
        • The shoes are missing their shoelaces
    • If the Personal Shopper has accepted a refund/exchange in advance via his/her specific refund/exchange policy.
      • In each of the cases above, sufficient evidence must be provided, via Baifa Stores Message, to the Personal Shopper selling the item in order for a return or exchange to be authorized.
      • BUYMA Member Support reserves the right to assist with refunds/exchange issues between a seller and a buying user, although we are not obliged to do so.

    3. Refunds/exchange Authorizatio Baifa Stores

    Unless otherwise agreed by Baifa Stores, all refunds and/or exchanges must be authorized in advance by the seller. Baifa Stores reserves the rights to withhold any refunds (in full or in part) on bought items returned to the seller, or to Baifa Stores, without prior consent from the seller (via Baifa Stores Message) or Baifa Stores Member Support.

    • In the case of an unauthorized return, the seller (or Baifa Stores) is not required to re-ship the returned item back to the buying user until the issue is resolved.
    • If refund/exchange authorization has been provided, the buying user must follow the exact procedures as provided by the seller (via Baifa Stores Message), or those by Baifa Stores Member Support, in order for the refund/exchange to be effective. Baifa Stores shall not be responsible for delays in refunding/exchanging due to the buying user not following the procedures requested.

    4. Refunds/exchange Period

    Any buying user with a legitimate reason for returning the delivered item for a refund or exchange must contact the seller for refunds/exchange authorization within seven (7) days after delivery of the item.

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